Lisa Rose Durso, MD




Our Excellent Patient Services Include:

  • High quality compassionate primary care internal medicine

  • More time with your physician

  • Easy access to your physician with minimal wait times in scheduling appointments

  • Ease in getting through to the office (via phone and patient portal)

  • Personalized care unique for you

*Convenient on-site gynecologic practice of Dr. Elena Buruiana, an excellent board certified gynecologist.



We participate with the following insurance carriers:

  • Oxford
  • United Healthcare

  • Medicare

Please note that not all insurance carriers cover an annual physical exam every year.   It is  the patient’s responsibility to cover the fee for the annual physical exam every year to be a part of Dr. Durso’s practice.  Medicare does NOT cover an annual physical exam.  The medicare annual wellness visit is NOT a physical exam.  Please click here to see what a medicare annual wellness visit includes or go to the Medicare website.

*Courtesy claims submission for reimbursement for patients out-of-network.


Office Visit Fee Schedule:

Annual Physical Exam $500

Follow up visit $200